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5 ways to Start Living an Eco Lifestyle with Minimal Change and Still Having a Big Impact

Starting the New Year evoke emotional conviction in many people to start ‘anew’ with the purpose to reach better versions of themselves, whether that be reaching new fitness goals, enriching positive attitudes towards life or spending more time being of service to others. Consider for a moment the third option, being of service to others, as a valid reason to live an eco lifestyle.  How is living an eco lifestyle being of service to others? Living an eco lifestyle is a selfless act of kindness for the betterment of everyone else living on this planet. The term “Living an Eco Lifestyle” has many varied definitions, depending with whom you speak.  In one of our articles, we covered the many different...

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Living the Eco Lifestyle Is the Ultimate New Year’s Resolution and Top 10 Eco Lifestyle Bloggers to Emulate this Year

As we wait for 2019 to roll around, many of us are now thinking of ways to start the New Year right.  Exercise more? Quit smoking? Live a minimalist lifestyle? Eat less meat? Meditate more? How about living an Eco Lifestyle? Living an Eco Lifestyle meets all requirements of all those resolutions: You will automatically exercise more (walking or biking to destinations); The lifestyle also means NOT smoking (cigarettes are not only toxic to the body, but also cigarette butts are so toxic to planet earth); It literally promotes minimalism and encourages zero-waste living; Living Eco also means being more mindful and having a greater sense of self-awareness i.e. awareness of the impact your actions or inaction have on others,...

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What Does My Behaviour Towards the Single-Use Plastic Straw Problem Actually Say About Me?

We’ve all heard about the problem, we’re personally guilty for having use it ourselves, seen the litter in our local beaches, parks, rivers, and other areas in our neighbourhoods and cities.  Yes, single-use plastics, is a major pain-point that impacts the environment, the planet and of course, all of us, the people. Many environmentalists, even its purists, believe that a small change can cause the biggest impact, at the very least behaviorally. In this case, the small change refers to the change in our behaviour when it comes to single-use plastics, specifically Plastic Straws. So we here at Karunaki, invite you to tell us which of these eco lifestyle types fits you the most?  Be sure to share and comment on this post: “THE ECO...

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Planning for a Holiday? Why Ecotourism is on the Rise, and Best Eco-Tours in the World

  Ecotourism is a travel trend that considers travellers’ concern and awareness about their impact on the environment and the world around them. This type of tourism has a low impact on the environment, and promotes conservation by way of travel to relatively undisturbed natural areas where nature can be appreciated and enjoyed. How does ecotourism benefit both locals and tourists? Tourists are able to tap into an authentic experience of off-the-beaten-path sights while the local small businesses receive support that might otherwise go to corporate-owned attractions. Beyond avoiding negative environmental effects of travel, ecotourism has a number of key goals including the promotion of cultural and environmental awareness, providing positive impacts for locals and travelers, and finances going directly...

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Small Changes by People Living Eco Make a BIG Impact

Might you classify yourself as a laid-back (or even “lazy”) environmentalist? It’s all good! If you care about the world you live in and feel pressure to go green, but are looking for ways to ease yourself into the eco lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 little life adjustments that will see you on your way to making a big difference in preserving the planet. 1. Update your bulbs at home. Lighting accounts for 18 percent of a typical home’s electricity bill. It stands to reason that you can significantly reduce your energy use and bills by seeking out certified energy-efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs last up to 15 times longer and use about 70 to 90...

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