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What We Can Learn from Sustainable Farming - How to Start an Urban Farm

A RICH HISTORY OF SUSTAINABLE FARMING Did you know that Maya languages include almost one hundred words to differentiate soil types and roughly twice as many for different types of corn? Such precision allows for each kernel to be placed in the exact type of soil that will facilitate its growth. The forests in the Yucatán have been sustainably farmed by the people who inhabit the land for at least 5,000 years and, over time, have encouraged the survival of thousands of species that form the Yucatán biome. Today many sustainable farming principles are still used to reduce the amount of land required for farming, thus saving many natural resources that might otherwise be used for production and transportation while...

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Keeping Your Community Clean - How to Organize a Community Cleanup

Ever wonder what more you can do for the sustainability movement?  One way to do this is to give back to your community.  Let's dive right in on how you can organize a community clean up. Step 1: Choose an inspiring project for your community The right project fixes a community problem and inspires people to get involved.  Is there a specific area, location or landmark in your community that needs cleaning up?  Here are some examples of project areas to focus on: Waterways, rivers, and beach cleanups Beautification, flower and tree planting initiatives Litter, junk and trash collections Step 2: Create a detailed event plan Every successful event has, at the very least, a date, time and location.  Be sure to include the...

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