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How to Lose Weight Living the Eco Life

Are you eager to take action on your weight loss goals, and thinking about how to keep it eco-friendly? Here are our 5 top tips to get going! Invest in eco-friendly workout gear. Special equipment is not required for working out, but when you’re just getting started or your running gear is showing signs of wear and tear, you may need to shop for new gear. When the time comes, you may consider vendors that have a selection of eco-friendly workout clothes made with organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled and even soy fibers, which are usually grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. Eat less meat. Livestock farming has a vast negative environmental impact, far greater than any other food...

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How to Calculate and Improve Your Carbon Footprint

For many years, scientists have warned that a hole in the layer of ozone surrounding the earth will contribute to global warming, and could have serious negative effects on human and environment health. This problem is being addressed through global agreements to stop the use of ozone-depleting chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, along with other greenhouse gases such as methane and ozone. When calculating an individual’s carbon footprint, methane and ozone are usually converted into the amount of CO2 that would have the same impact on global warming (the equivalent is called a CO2 amount). Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly...

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20 Totally Painless Tips for Reducing Waste

The average American is responsible for generating 4.4 pounds of trash generated daily and most developed world numbers aren’t far from this norm. Shocking, isn’t it? Don’t despair, there are actions you can take in your everyday life to reduce waste and do your part to curb the trend! Here are our 20 tips: 1. Invest in a good reusable water bottlePlastic single use water bottles and paper drink cups are terrible for the environment and downright unnecessary, for general use. Your choice to select a durable water bottle and a good travel mug for hot drinks will ensure that you are always in control of your hydration on the go and keeps bottles and cupsout of the landfill.2. Say no...

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Walk the "Plalk" - Picking Litter while Walking a.k.a. Plalking

Plalking (no coincidence, it rhymes with walking!) is a light-intensity version of Sweden’s recent fitness craze, Plogging, named by combining the word jogging and the Swedish term "plocka upp" (translation: "pick up"). Ploggers stop to collect litter throughout during their runs. In this way they are cleaning up the environment as they exercise. Following its first official U.S. event in Denver, Sweden-basedorganization Plogga has been encouraging individuals to start their own groups locally. Whether it’s picking up cigarette butts or food wrappers, regular plalking groups are making a real difference in reducing the trash in their communities and making way for greener, cleaner spaces that can be enjoyed by all. Either way you go about it – plogging or plalking...

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Eco Fashion - Fashionistas for a Better Planet

We’re facing a major fashion emergency – and that’s no exaggeration, in the eco-sense. The global fashion industry is big business, worth $2.5 trillion, and its operations requires a staggering amount of water. As an example, 2,700 liters of water go into the production of a single cotton t-shirt, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). One in six people worldwide works in a job related to fashion, an industry known, in too many instances, for unsafe conditions and exploitative practices. When doing your best to ensure that your best looks are planet-friendly as well, you’ll want to shop consciously, checking fabrications and production practices to determine whether they align with your ecological values. This is the philosophy...

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