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3 Simple Ways To Live Eco-Friendly With Hemp

Conversations about hemp can put people in a tizzy, as many people tend to conflate hemp and marijuana. But they are two separate things, though both are derived from the Cannibas Sativa plant. What’s important for our purposes is that hemp is not psychoactive (it contains minimal amounts of THC) but it can be used for a myriad of industrial purposes. Here are three simple ways to incorporate hemp into your eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Money Won’t Help You When the Planet’s Dead, But Can We Spend Money to Help The Planet Now?

While we’re not all multimillionaires with pockets full of money, most of us do have money. We all spend money one way or another, whether it’s on food, transportation, traveling, entertainment, or literally anything else that requires you to open your wallet. Being environmentally-friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up spending money or buying things. In fact, you should feel free to buy to your heart’s content! The most important part of living an eco-friendly life is loving an eco-friendly life.

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How To Educate Others On Eco-Friendliness Without Being Pushy

Ever heard had someone knock on your door to try to sell you on an ideology? What about someone telling you that consuming or doing something makes you a horrible person? No one likes that person. Someone may be passionate about something and have the best intentions, but if they come to you preaching til the cows come home, the message won't come across. The same applies to the lower/zero-waste lifestyle. You do it because it feels good. You do it for your health. You do it because it saves the planet. But you certainly don't do it to put down other people. So here are four ways to educate others on your lifestyle with the most gracious way possible. 1) Show,...

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How the sharing economy is saving the planet & connecting humanity

Globalization and our capitalist society have been responsible for our increased individualism. As technology has continued to advance, we have become increasingly self-reliant. It is not uncommon to have many steps involved within a supply chain. A product may be sourced in a country, packaged in a second one, and sold in a third!  Every step of the way requires fuel, energy, labour, and time, wasting unnecessary resources. There has been a push for buying local, and supporting local farmers and businesses as a solution to this sustainability problem. We are now going back to our roots as an interdependent community by relying on each other more and more. Enters the sharing economy model in the picture.  The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer-based...

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Top 10 Tips For Being Eco-Friendly When Staying at a Hotel

Traveling isn’t an excuse to forget about the environment.Yes, we understand. It’s downtime, and a rejuvenating escape from the responsibilities of life. But it’s in your best interests to practice smart, sustainable habits when you’re off in paradise; even more so if you’ve decided to stay at a hotel.While many hotels are beginning to practice environmentally-conscious habits, with some even going as far as branding themselves as eco-friendly hotels, you may still choose to stay at a regular hotel, for your own personal reasons. That’s perfectly fine. What’s even finer, though, is carrying out your duty as an eco-warrior and doing your part as a hotel guest to help the environment, regardless of where you stay!

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