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Eco-Friendly Productivity: Sustainable Ways to Get Work Done

If we had a penny for all the articles you could find on Google on how you can be more productive, we would all be sailing on yachts.However, there aren’t nearly enough guides on how you can be more productive and more sustainable at the same time, especially if you don’t work in an office setting.That's why we're here to help, with these tips on how to boost productivity with eco-friendly practices that help reduce your carbon footprint.!

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7 Single Use Items You Can get rid of today and why you totally should!

People create  64 tons of waste in a lifetime.   A big portion of this waste comes from single use items. Most of these items are made of plastic and are contributing to the plastic crisis we have right now. If you want to save the planet by making easy changes to your daily habits, then keep reading!The mantra of zero-waste living is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Today, we will be talking about re-using. Have you stopped to think about how many single use items you go through daily? Here's a typical example of our friend Sarah. On the weekends, she likes to go grocery shopping and run errands. She leaves the grocery store with her items in plastic bags. She grabs...

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Everyday Things That Harm Your Health And What You Can Do About It

    Watching Netflix while eating popcorn. Making a tomato canned soup when you're under the weather. Using antiperspirant so you don't smell. Totally harmless every day things...right? Sadly, the answer is no.  Each and every one of the things mentioned above are harmful to your health. In this article, we will shed a light on food, habits and products that may  be causing damage to your health and how you can empower yourself to make better choices.FOOD We live in an era where everything is mass produced to cater to the needs of all individuals. Due to the rise of agricultural development, we no longer have to grow our own food in order to sustain ourselves. If we need...

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Eco-Friendly Lifehacks: How to Help the Environment with Zero Effort

Is being eco-friendly hard? You might think it's a grueling lifestyle, but that's a far cry from the reality.  There are so many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, even if you have too much on your plate to put in any effort. And rest assured, these tips will help you do exactly that, with minimal hassle. So without further ado, here is Karunaki's very own guide to being environmentally-friendly with zero effort!

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Why Fast Fashion Is Ruining Our Planet And What You Can Do About It

Did you know that fast fashion is the world's second biggest pollutant next to coal? The average consumer shops at brands like H&M, Forever21, and Zara because the clothes are in style, and the costs are low. But  perhaps what you didn't know about these products, is that the convenience you opt for, has a price. Unfortunately, our purchasing habits as a society are affecting our precious planet, the people in it and our personal health! OUR PLANET Fast fashion significantly contributes to green house emissions because the materials used are often micro-plastics, and synthetic chemicals and dyes. Did you know the average person throws away 46 pounds of clothes per year? The fashion industry accounts for 10% of the world’s total carbon footprint....

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